– Oct 2020 Progress Update

2020 marked the year of’s birth and it’s been tumultuous. The global pandemic knocked out many of our logistical partners who are just now recovering as we wait for the 2nd wave to hit this winter.

As we work through these issues, we look forward to what we’ll be implementing in the next couple of months rounding out the year 2020:

  1. Donated clothing bundles with information sheets are being created and set aside for young adults. These are to teach young adults how to sell used clothing to further their fundraising goals. This is completed [10 bundles] and waiting for a campaign to raise awareness of these bundles. They will be given away to 10 young adults who have picked out a cause they want to contribute towards.
  2. An option for other resellers to donate and support us as we mentor them towards their own reselling journey. We’ve found reselling to be an exceptional way of fundraising and would like to share what we’ve learned with others.
  3. An informational YouTube channel about branding and marketing one’s nonprofit cause digitally. This is still in the planning stages.
  4. A content marketing campaign on that aligns with our mission of raising awareness across a wide array of psychological topics.
  5. Working with promotional partners (like Google Ads) in helping us raise awareness on psychology content.

We’ll revisit the post and update as we progress. And we certainly hope 2020 ends the year on a high note!