Welcome To Psych.me!

Psych.me is a 501(c)3 nonprofit aimed at helping people make sense of their personal psychology. Sometimes self-help needs information to make it more useful and we endeavor to provide multiple resources to those seeking psychological help. We hope we can shine a light in the dark and help you safely find your way through whatever mental & emotional issues that you’re dealing with.

As a nonprofit, Psych.me funnels a majority of its fundraising efforts towards producing content useful to those in need. We aim to be informative and never boring and will include the following in our consciousness-raising efforts:

  • 📖 Resource guides on issues relating to self-esteem, PTSD, anxiety, depression and many other psychology topics with broad public interest.
  • 📝 Blog posts on topical issues related to psychology and self-help.
  • 🏘 Outreach towards connecting community resources (including short-term housing) for those suffering from psychological distress.

Psych.me will also work with self-help influencers, therapists and life coaches who wish to improve their efficacy in getting their messages out to the public. We hope to unlock the minds of those functioning at diminished psychological capacity and hope to grow our network to help meet the challenge!