Psych.me is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to bringing psychological knowledge to the general public. We also aim to help other mental health practitioners and charities fundraise and market their cause in the digital space. The activities that we are engaged in to further our two missions are as follows:

  1. Improving the psychological functioning in the general public. Although many topics will be covered, the Psych.me website will start with an emphasis on two topic areas: 
    • ADHD / Executive Function: Content on the Psych.me website pertaining to ADHD topics will be used to help those with questions about ADHD and how to improve executive function. In addition, daily planners and worksheets will be given out to those that request them. These are already being given out to customers who shop our online store.
    • Sexuality: Content on the Psych.me website will be presented in a useful manner to those searching for answers about their sexuality. Although many topics will be covered, emphasis will be given to emerging sexual topics that we believe to be lacking in coverage (such as pansexuality). We hope to offer some physical items for purchase whereby we’re able to include targeted literature about sexuality when people purchase these items.    

In addition to the website, we’re planning a YouTube channel to cover general psychological topics we will tailor to emerging psychological keyword searches by the public.

2. Help other charities fundraise and market their cause in the digital space. 

We hope to be able to take a bird’s eye view of how we’re operating as a nonprofit and share our knowledge of gaining mindshare with other charitable organizations.

Director, Psych.me
George Ponaris, Director

Assistant, Psych.me
Lily Liu, Donations Coordinator